Yes, You Can Make a Motorcycle Ride Safe: Here’s How

Yes, You Can Make a Motorcycle Ride Safe: Here’s How

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I often hear discussions about which motorcycle is the “safest” to ride and they baffle me every single time. The reason for this is simple, there are over 5,000 deaths in motorcycle accidents in a year, and that’s only in the US. Considering that this vehicle accounts for meager 14% of all traffic, this means that there are more fatalities in motorcycle accidents than in car accidents.

Therefore, the chance of your first accident also being your last is way too high. And also, there are no “safe” and “unsafe” motorcycles. With the exception of cases when you are riding some half-broken death-trap, all vehicles are equally dangerous.

But, a “dangerous vehicle” doesn’t equal a “dangerous ride”!

The fact that motorcycles are riskier than cars is nothing new and nothing special. Actually, it’s one of the reasons they get your blood pumping just a little bit faster as riding your trusty metal friend gives you a thrill, right?

That thrill is fantastic and something that all of us seek. But I’m a firm believer that you get just as much of a thrill while you are as safe as it’s possible to be on a motorcycle. And the brand of your ride has nothing to do with it. What matters for your personal safety includes:

1.     Gear

First and foremost, your gear IS your safety. Literally. This means that this is the one thing you must never, ever skimp on.

The best news is that today motorcyclist gear is so advanced, it can offer some serious protection, as opposed to a regular leather jacket. And it doesn’t have to be bulky and “uncool” to do that, as you can see from the Joe Rocket Phoenix review. That’s a great example of how a motorcyclist jacket can be all sleek and stylish while also offering padding at shoulders, elbows, spine, ribs, and lower back.

There’s also motorcyclist gear with built-in airbags, which can offer a very high level of protection. But that has yet to be perfected, so choose wisely. Airbag helmets, in particular, have some concerns in design.

All in all, I suggest you take the time to research all available modern gear to find what offers the best protection today. Then, go shopping for the most advanced pieces and keep an eye on new developments in the industry.

2.     Be on the defensive

Safe riding on a motorbike means defensive riding, so keep your testosterone in check and leave any road aggression to video games.

It ain’t fair, but it’s the reality of life that riding a motorcycle puts you at a higher risk. So, being on the defensive and doing everything possible to ensure that all drivers around you can actually see you is a must.

3.     T-CLOCS

Do you do your T-CLOCS every time before starting going for a ride?

What? You don’t?

Well, that’s the very first thing you need to change about your way of the motorcyclist. Never forget, being lazy and skipping the check might seem like a good idea at the time. But it’ll be too late to regret it should anything happen on that specific time. And as Terry Pratchett said, one chance in a million scores nine times out of ten. At least it does so with bad luck.

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Alex White
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