A Rat Style Custom Board Tracker from a Ural Motorcycle

a Ural rat styled motorcycle turned into a board tracker

Hi folks, how about making your day a bit more interesting with a new custom cossack motorcycle project? This time the article will be about a board tracker built from a Ural motorcycle.

Even though the project is named the Ural Board Tracker, only several parts of this bike are from a Ural motorcycle – the engine, gearbox, drive shaft, final drive unit and rear wheel. Yet, let’s start the description of this custom board tracker from the very beginning.

a nice board tracker in rat style built from a Ural motorcycle

The creation of this custom project started with building a new frame. Once this custom frame was ready, the author had to adjust an HD Sportster gas tank to make it fit the frame. As you can see, he divided the tank into two separate halves to make it sit under the upper tube of the frame.

a customized HD Sportster gas tank on a custom board tracker

Inspired by Rock’n’Roll and biker movies of 70s and 80s, the author decided to make his bike have the 21’ front and 18’ rear wheels. Frankly speaking, I have no idea where he took the front wheel from, but as for the rear wheel, thanks to its hub, I’m 100% sure it’s a standard 18’ Ural wheel. Because of installing the 21’ front wheel, the author had to shorten the front fork a little.

a view on the Ural board tracker from the left

After shortening the front fork, the next step was to equip this rat-look bike with a handlebar. The creator of the motorcycle built two simple clip-ons and I should say they fit the general look of the board tracker perfectly.

a view on the rat styled Ural board tracker from the top

Here are the rest of the photos of you to enjoy:

What I like about custom motorcycles the most is that you can find some exclusive parts in almost every custom bike. In this particular case, I can name several 100% unique parts. To get what I’m talking about, take a look at the battery box. I don’t think it provides some extra protection for the battery, but it definitely adds to the general rat look of the Ural board tracker.

Have you paid attention to the exhaust tubes and the way they are installed? IMHO, the way they are installed makes the motorcycle look pretty nice, but it also makes this bike uncomfortable for long rides. As one guy on some russian forum said: “this is the right bike to boil your balls” because the exhaust tubes are placed too close to the seat. Speaking of the seat, it makes the bike suitable for riding only on perfectly flat roads. Riding a hard-tailed bike with a metal seat and absolutely no shock absorbing springs is a tough quest even for the most iron-assed bikers 🙂

I’m not the biggest fan of rat bikes, but this one is definitely worth our attention thanks to its complete look – you can hardly see something similar too often. Owning such a motorcycle is not about comfortable driving or high performance, it’s about riding a truly unique bike. Stock motorcycles will never provide you with such an opportunity.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this nice custom project. I’ll be back with new interesting custom cossack motorcycles soon.

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