The Rising – a Custom Bobber Dnepr Motorcycle from Romania

a custom bobber made from a Dnepr motorcycle

Hi folks, those of you who are fond of bobbers and exclusive motorcycles will surely like this article. The custom bobber I want to tell you about today is a piece of art created from a Dnepr MT by BastyBikes from Romania and is called the Rising.

a custom bobber made from a Dnepr motorcycle

It’s a nice custom bobber with lots of attention to details.  And this is what makes this Dnepr bobber so special.

another look at a custom Dnepr bobber

Frankly speaking, I have only one word to describe almost any part of this Dnepr bobber and this word is “custom”. Well, perhaps, I can think of one more word that comes to my mind – “unique”. The general look of the motorcycle is truly unique. Just take a look at the frame – it’s 100% custom and absolutely unique.

a nice bobber made from a Dnipro MT

The same can be said about the gear shifting. A standard gear shift pedal was replaced with a custom-made hand lever.

The seat is custom and unique as well. I’m sure it’s extremely inconvenient, but who cares about this as long as it looks so wonderful.

Obviously, the handlebar and front fork were created specifically for this bike. The same situation is with the grips, which are the only elements on the handlebar, btw. I don’t know whether the wheels are custom or not. The hubs look like the ones from Ural motorcycles, yet they look too narrow to be from a Ural motorcycle. So, I’m not 100% sure if these are Ural wheels. At first, I was a bit concerned with the fact that there is only one brake on the Rising (a funny thing – the front wheel has space for a drum brake, yet there is no brake lever on the handlebar), but now I understand that it’s more than enough for this bobber because it’s not meant to be used for high-speed rides. The gas tank is probably custom-made, but the chances are it was taken from some old motor bicycle. Another great part of this motorcycle is the battery box. It protects the battery from water, dirt and damage and makes the battery fit the general look of the motorcycle.

I guess I have to say at least a few words about the only original parts left from a Dnepr motorcycle. Yes, I’m talking about the engine and gearbox. They are pretty standard I suppose. The only modification I see is the installation of new valve caps that look like the ones from some classic BMW motorcycle. Such valve caps can be easily bought and I see lots of Dnepr motorcycles with these caps here in Ukraine.

As for the carburetors, I have no idea where these carbs were taken from. Yet, the main problem with the carbs is not their origin, but their filters. There are no air filters at all. At first, I thought those golden rings were the filters, but after checking all the photos I noticed that they were not. I don’t know why the creator of this Dnepr bobber decided not to install air filters, but what I know for sure is that this fact makes the Rising unusable on the road because the engine will be destroyed pretty quickly.

The last thing I can’t but mention is the painting. It’s not too bright and at the same time it successfully highlights all the elements of this nice custom Dnepr bobber.

Hope your enjoyed this nice custom bobber, which I consider to be more like a museum piece than a motorcycle because of not having air filters 🙂 Still, it looks really fantastic. Have any questions/suggestions? Feel free to use the comment section below.

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Alex White
Alex White
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    buna ,
    Am un proiect de modificat un motor
    este vorba despre un yamah tmax 530 poti sa verifici linkul ca s ti faci o idee
    as vrea sa stiu daca ai putea face asa ceva? ms mult Andrei

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