The Ural Fashion – a Custom Café Racer by the Dozer Garage, Ukraine

a nice cafe-racer built from an Ural motorcycle

Hi folks, today my post will be about a nice cafe racer you will definitely enjoy. It was created by a Ukrainian customizing company called the Dozer Garage. As you might remember, I’ve already reviewed one of the creations of the Dozer Garage – a custom K-750 bobber called the Skull, as you can see that these guys are real professionals and have lots of interesting custom projects.

a nice cafe-racer built from a Ural motorcycle

This custom project got its name for a reason – it looks really stylish, elegant and fashionable. It’s a pure café racer that will be a real head-turner on the street.

the rear part of the Ural Fashion frame

Here are the rest of the photos from different angles:

What I like about such projects is that building a café racer like this one doesn’t require much experience and lots of efforts, if you have a certain plan to stick to, of course. If you ever decide to create such a custom café racer, the first thing you will need is a donor-bike. In case of the Ural Fashion, Dozer (a talented Ukrainian customizer who created this custom cossack motorcycle) took a Ural motorcycle as a donor, but you can choose a Dnipro MT to be your donor as well. Once you have the donor, you should take its frame and slightly modify the rear part to fit a new seat.

The next thing you’ll need are the wheels. There are three options here. The simplest option is to take standard Ural or Dnipro wheels and replace the tires to some more suitable ones. Changing the tires will help you make the bike look the way you want it: from light and elegant to dare and aggressive. When choosing the tires it’s important to keep in mind where and how you play to use your bike. Another option is to take both tires and wheels from some other bike. And the third option is the one that was used by Dozer – he took standard Ural wheels and replaced the spokes, rims and tires. This is the cheapest option if you want to change the size of the wheels (Dozer used R16 wheels) and if you know how to deal with such a task.

The next thing your café racer will need is the front fork. The good news is that you can use the fork you got with the donor. Dozer took the headlight, gas tank and handlebar from a Dnipro MT, so if you chose a Dnipro motorcycle to be your donor, you can simply leave these parts untouched. If the shock absorbers on your donor work fine, you can leave them as well.

The last major part is the seat. You will have to create a custom seat to fit your bike, just like Dozer did, but it’s not that hard as you might think it is. Once it’s done, you need to add some minor parts like foot pegs, levers, mirrors, etc. and paint everything according to your taste. Dozer chose to use classic light and dark brown colors for this custom café racer and I must say it was a wise decision – the bike looks fantastic with this coloring.

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to duplicate the Ural Fashion, all you need is to take an old Ural bike, replace its wheels, modify the rear part of the frame, make a new seat and repaint the bike. That’s it, you have a nice exclusive café racer. Yet, it requires a real talent to build such a bike without such a plan and that’s what Dozer has – he knows how to turn different bikes into real pieces of art. It’s always great to review such custom projects – they combine simplicity and exclusiveness. Thanks to Dozer and other customizers who create such custom bikes ordinary people can see that building a really nice bike for yourself is not an impossible task.

Here is a short documentary film about Dozer and his team of customizers. It’s in russian, but there are English subtitles, so I believe it’s worth watching.

Check back soon to see more interesting custom cossack motorcycles.

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