The Thumb – a Custom Bobber built from a K-750 Motorcycle

a custom bobber made from a K-750 motorcycle

Hi everyone! Hope you are hungry for new custom cossack bikes, because I have a nice custom bobber to share with you – please meet the Thumb!

a custom bobber made from a K-750 motorcycle

As you can see, this custom bobber is well-built with lots of attention paid to every single part of the bike.

the rear part of the Thumb custom bobber

The Thumb is compact, elegant, stylish and looks absolutely complete. There is not a single element that needs to be replaced/improved/changed/etc.

the front part of the custom bobber

As for the process of building this custom bobber, everything is quite simple. The owner took an old K-750 by KMZ and turned its frame into a hardtailed one. The front fork hasn’t been replaced, it’s a standard K-750 fork, so as the engine and gear box, which were painted black. The carburetors were left untouched, which makes me think that nothing has been done to upgrade the performance of the motorcycle. The wheels were taken from a Ural Wolf, which are 16” in diameter. Yet, I think the most important elements of the wheels are the white strokes on the tires. The black-n-white combination they create make the wheels ideal for this custom bobber.

As for the gas tank, it’s an HD Sportster tank, which can be easily bought on Ebay. Even though the tank is not a custom-made element, it fits the design ideally. The handlebar was created for this particular project, but I don’t think it took much efforts. I don’t know where the grips were taken from, but thanks to their shape and color these grips make the handlebar fit the general look of the Thumb. The rear fender was probably custom-made for this bike, but I’m not 100% sure about that. As for the battery box, it’s a 100% custom part, as well as the seat. Speaking of the seat, it’s a very important element of this particular bobber because of two reasons. First of all, a wrong seat can ruin even the most beautiful design, that’s why this seat should meet the general idea of the bike and I have to say that this particular seat fits the bike ideally. The second reason of its importance is the comfort of the rider. The bobber has a hardtailed frame, thus the only thing that saves the rider’s butt from having tough time during the rides is the seat with its spring. If the spring doesn’t absorb the hits, it won’t be very pleasant to ride this piece of art. I don’t know if the seat is soft enough to make the bike comfortable, but I really hope it is because I like when bikes are used for riding and not for show exhibitions only.

What concerns me about this custom bobber is the braking system. There is only one brake, on the rear wheel, and I’m not happy with this fact. If something goes wrong and the brake stops working when you least expect it, the only thing that will be left to do is to use the engine to stop the bike. Having two brakes not only makes the braking system more reliable, but also more efficient and this is extremely important in emergency situations.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this custom bobber made from a K-750 motorcycle and will be back to see more interesting custom cossack bikes.

P.S. If you like the Thumb, you should also take a look, if you haven’t already, at the Skull – another custom K-750 bobber.


Alex White
Alex White
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