The Rook – a Custom Café-Racer Built from an M-72 Motorcycle

the award-winning custom cafe-racer from the custom tuning show 2016

Ok folks, today I have a really fresh custom project to share with you. This custom bike won several awards during the “Custom Tuning Show 2016” in moscow and is definitely worth your attention.

As you can see, this M-72 motorcycle has been heavily customized to have its current look, which is absolutely incredible I must say.

the right side of the Rook - a custom M-72 cafe-racer

The frame and the engine are probably the only parts that are left from an original M-72 motorcycle. All other parts have been custom-made specifically for the Rook.

another view on this custom M-72 motorcycle

This custom cossack motorcycle has one thing that I value above all when it comes to custom projects and this thing is the attention to details. Just imagine how much time and efforts it took to make all the elements of this motorcycle look so nicely and fit the general design of the bike. For example, take a look at the grips – there are lots of high quality grips of different styles for sale, but the creators of the bike decided to make their own unique leather grips.

custom leather grips installed on the Rook

The leather style continues with the gas tank, foot pegs, gear shift lever and seat. Speaking of the seat, check out the way it’s attached to the frame and the spring that should make the riding more comfortable. As for the gas tank, I’ve never seen a gas tank of such a shape before, but I should say it completes the general style of the Rook ideally.

the front part of this custom M-72 cafe-racer

Another great part of this bike I want to draw your attention to is the handlebar and everything installed on it. It’s a standard handlebar, but thanks to the painting it looks amazing. The mirrors and the way they are installed complete the café-racer style. The same can be said about the front brake and clutch levers. Their retro style fits the general look of the bike and makes the handlebar look truly exclusive.

I can’t but say a few words about the painting. The colors were chosen ideally – I can’t imagine this bike painted somehow differently. Black, silver and brown are a classic combination of colors when you need not to distract people’s attention from the elements of the bike but to emphasize them.

the main prize given to the Rook - a custom M72 cafe-racer

the main prize of the “Custom Tuning Show 2016”

Have you paid attention to the air filters installed on the carburetors? That’s the first time I see such filters and I’m not sure about their efficiency. Yet, who cares about such unimportant things when it comes to such exclusive bikes? The custom motorcycles like this one are used for different bike shows and exhibitions and not for everyday riding. It’s no surprise the Rook was awarded the grand prize of the show.

Hope you enjoyed this wonderful custom café-racer M-72 motorcycle as much as I did. Such high class custom cossack motorcycles are pretty rare and it’s always great to find one more exclusive bike like this one.

As always, you can leave your questions/suggestions/thoughts regarding this custom project in the comment section below.

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Alex White
Alex White
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