The June Bug – a Classic Custom Izh Chopper

a custom chopper made from an Izh motorcycle

Hi folks! This is the first time I review a custom project that was based on an Izh motorcycle, but I’m sure there will be more custom Izh bikes in the future.

As you can see, this motorcycle doesn’t look like any of the Izh models. Lots of different parts have been mixed together to make the bike have its current look. And the first thing in this list is the frame. I’m not mistaken, it was taken from an Izh-49.

the left side of this custom Izh chopper

I don’t see any custom-made parts in this bike except, perhaps, the wheels. Most parts were simply taken from different Izh models. A standard front fork was replaced with an Izh 205 Cross one, which, in a combination with the enlarged angle of the fork, fits the chopper style nicely.

the front part of the June Bug

The same situation is with the seat. It’s a standard Izh-49 seat that was wrapped with leather. The gas tank was taken from an Izh Upiter 2 motorcycle. The front fender was taken from a Voshod bike, the rear one – from a Dnipro MT.

The wheels were probably custom-made and I like the way they look. They have 72 spokes each. The front wheel is slightly bigger, it has 19’ while the rear wheel – 18’.

As for the lights, the headlight was taken form an Ural Voyage, the tail light – from a GAZ-21, also known as the Volga. What I don’t understand here is the way the turn signals installed. If I’m not mistaken, they are installed into the grips. If I’m right, this is a pretty stupid idea IMHO, because the drivers behind and in front of the bike won’t see these signals.

I don’t have much information about the engine. The creator of the bike described it as “an experimental Izh Jupiter 500 engine – the only one in the world. To be honest, I’ve never heard of such an engine before and the chances are that I won’t ever hear of it again 🙂 According to the creator of this classic chopper, the engine has 5 gears, which is unusual for Izh motorcycles, and a three-channel blowing (or “purging”, I’m not sure which word would be correct in this context). A friend of mine told me that this engine with 500 cc wasn’t put into production because of some serious technical defect related to the increased diameter of the pistons. If this is true, this fact turns this custom Izh motorcycle from a classic chopper into a nice-looking toy that can only be used to attract people’s attention on some bike shows.

Just to sum up, this classic chopper was built mainly from Izh parts – not some specific model, but from different models. Technically speaking, building such a custom chopper doesn’t require lots of experience in building motorcycles or skills in working with metal and producing custom parts. All the parts you will need can be easily bought, so you can simply buy them and assemble into one motorcycle. The most important thing in such a project is to make different parts fit each other and the general style of the future motorcycle. Hopefully, if you like this particular custom Izh chopper, you can take the same parts mentioned in the description and create your own custom Izh motorcycle in a classic chopper style. If you do so, I’ll gladly review your bike here on this blog.

As I said, this is the first custom Izh motorcycle I shared with you, hope you liked it. Have questions/suggestions/etc.? Let me and other readers know about them via the comment section below.

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Alex White
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