The Skull – a Custom K-750 Bobber by DoZer Garage

the creators of the Skull, a custom K-750 bobber

Hi folks! Today there is another interesting custom cossack project that I would like to tell you about. The project is called the Skull and it’s a custom bobber built from an old K-750 motorcycle by Dozer, a professional customizer from Ukraine.

the creators of the Skull, a custom K-750 bobber

Even a single look on the bike makes you understand why it is called the Skull. This custom bobber is full of skulls, starting from the tail light and ending with the valve caps.

a view on a custom cossack bobber from behind
the rear wheel of the Skull

The main elements that make this bobber look truly old-school are the hardtail frame, created specifically for this project, the gas tank, taken from a Sportster, and the leather seat, which was also created for this particular project.

a view on a custom bobber from the right

Speaking of the seat, it has lots of skulls to meet the general idea of the project. This is a hardtail bike, that’s that only thing that the rider’s butt can hope for is the effectiveness of the springs installed under the seat. According to the author, the strings are good enough to make riding this motorcycle comfortable.

a custom seat installed on the Skull

To tell the truth, I’m not a fan of K-750 engines, because of their highly low efficiency. Just imagine having ¾ liter of working volume that provides you with only 26 horse power. It’s like having a really fat lazy wife who eats like a hippo and does nothing around the house. Yet, in this case using a K-750 engine can be considered a nice move since its look fits this bobber much better than the engines of Dnipro or Ural motorcycles.

the engine of the custom K-750 bobber

Here are the rest of the photos I managed to find:

This custom bobber may seem pretty simple and easy-to-build, but the truth is that it requires lots of efforts to create such a bike, even when you have experience in building custom bikes. Indeed, the design is pretty minimalistic, as in case of most bobbers. A hardtail frame without any specific parts, a small gas tank, taken from some existing bike and thus requiring little to no efforts, a polished engine and a pair of wheels and voila – you have a nice bobber. Yet, you will need to deal with a few more elements before your bobber is ready. The most obvious of them is finding the handlebar that will both fit the design idea and make riding the bike comfortable enough. Once you have the handlebar, you will need to take care of the grips that will also fit the design. Dozer, the creator of this bobber, created a custom handlebar and bought a pair of white grips from the Joker machine store. If you ever decide to build a custom bobber or chopper, you should better find a talented locksmith to help you get lots of small, yet important elements that will complete the design. If speaking of the Skull, these important elements are the kickstarter, kickstand, the headlight mount, etc.

Here is a short video (not a real video, actually, but a set of images) to show you how this custom cossack motorcycle was created.

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