The Quasimodo – a Custom Ural Rat Motorcycle

a rat bike built from an Ural motorcycle

Hi guys, hope you are hungry for exclusive cossack motorcycles, because I have something new for you today. This is the first rat bike built from a Ural motorcycle.

a rat bike built from a Ural motorcycle

I’m not sure if this is a pure rat style, but that’s the only style I can think of when looking at this custom project. What I can say for sure is that this bike has been built from a garage garbage.

another look at the Quasimodo bike

The bike deserves its name – it’s ugly, but it drives people’s attention.

the right side of this custom rat bike

I guess the main thing that attracts attention is the front fork part. That’s the first bike I see with such an unusual way of attaching a front wheel to a motorcycle. Speaking of the wheels, I think it’s the ugliest part of this custom cossack project. In my opinion, the easiest way to spoil the look of absolutely any bike is to install automobile tires on it. What is more, these wheels were created from old car wheels and they look as ugly as the tires. Yet, perhaps, they are good enough for this bike – at least they fit the design of the front and rear wheel holders or whatever these parts can be called.

As for the technical side of the project, well, the engine is from a Ural motorcycle, I don’t think much has been changed here. My guess is that new air filters are the only details that were replaced here. The clip-ons, levers, hand grips and control switches were taken from some Japanese bike. I guess the same bike was a donor of the headlight. The turn lights were obviously bought from some “just another cheap chinese stuff” website. The tail lights look a bit more solid than the turn lights, but something tells me they were bought in the same place. As for the gas tank, well, I don’t think it was custom built for this particular project. The chances are that it was taken from another motorcycle.

What deserves special attention is the painting. To my mind, this is the element that makes the Quasimodo interesting for people. With some other painting this custom bike would look like a piece of junk. I like the colors and these large radioactive signs on the sides of the gas tank and the rear seat. Speaking of the seats, they seem to be nicely built and fit the bike ideally, that’s why I assume they were created specifically for this motorcycle.

Anyway, such projects are extremely rare and I believe this custom Ural rat bike is worth your attention. As always, share your thoughts on this bike below, in the comment section. And don’t forget to share this page with your friends via social networks and have a look at other custom cossack motorcycles.

Ride safe,


Alex White
Alex White
I'm just a guy who values 3 things in life: girls, bikes and freedom. I get them all with my custom-built Dnipro MT. Cossack motorcycles are truly unique and reliable bikes if being treated right, and I decided to create this blog and share my vast experience and love for cossack bikes with other bikers all over the world. Need my help or advice? Contact me via skype or email.


  1. KK says:

    It is steam punk style. Not bad implemented by the way!
    I like you blog, keep it going!

  2. SoyBoySigh says:

    Somebody really ought to make a “Kompressor” style ’30s era BOOST kit for these engines. With that, they might compete with more modern machinery, and become a truly competitive machine which WARRANTS these kinds of suspension & running-gear changes.

    • Alex White says:

      Hey SoyBoySigh,

      You are probably right, but something tells me these engines won’t survive using a supercharger (I’m not sure if that’s the correct term). If you really want to make a Dnipro or Ural engine be modern, you’ll have to change lots of its parts.

      The only exception is probably the engine of the Dnipro Dynamite, which was the latest development of the Kyiv Motorcycle Plant, which unfortunately was never put in mass production. It had about 1000 cm3 and had 70 HP. It had new parts that would have easily survived using a supercharger.

  3. REMINGER says:

    that bike is BITCHEN

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