The Quartermaster – a Custom Ural Scrambler by Icon from Portland, USA

The Quartermaster - a custom Ural scrambler from the Icon

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that such a famous brand as Icon took part in customizing cossack bikes. Today the post is dedicated to the ICONized Ural scrambler motorcycle, known as the Quartermaster.

A Ural Solo sT was taken as a basis for this project, but, as you can see, the only thing that is left from it is the engine.

a nice scrambler made from a Ural motorcycle

I can characterize the general look of the Quartermaster with a single word – “brutal”. The frame and the gas tank are the elements that make me think this was.

a custom gas tank on a Ural motorcycle

This custom Ural motorcycle is definitely a scrambler. We can see that from high clearance, high performance suspension and a special protective plate under the engine.

a man riding a custom Ural scrambler

Here are the rest of the photos for you to enjoy this exclusive custom project.

The Icon spent a hell of a lot of money on building this bike and I must admit I’m in love with its aggressive style, but I just can’t accept the fact that all this raw beauty can be ruined because of a single weak element, yeap, the one that is left from a standard Ural motorcycle – its engine. Even though it fits the design thanks to the angular valve covers, the engine itself is far from being reliable. It can get broken when you least expect this. If you ask me, I’d rather use a Dnipro MT engine, it’s more reliable (but not enough to be compared to BMW :)) and can be upgraded pretty easily. Additionally, Dnipro gear boxes can be equipped with the 5th gear, which is a nice bonus for any custom cossack motorcycle.

Another great element of this custom project is the painting. It’s this “distressed” look that makes the whole design idea complete. Thanks to it the bike looks worn, it looks like a real working and heavily used piece of art and not just an exhibition sample. Here is a YouTube video of this bike to prove my words.

This project is a nice example of how universal cossack motorcycles are and how unique and exceptional custom bikes can be built using them. I’m sure that this project had a fantastic budget in terms of cossack bikes and I’m grateful to the Icon team for the opportunity to enjoy this project. Now, after reviewing the Quartermaster, I’m thinking about getting such a scrambler for myself and something tells me I’m not the only one to think this way 🙂 Anyway, don’t be shy, share your thoughts regarding this project with us in the comment section below and let your friends know about this article via social networks.

P.S. Don’t forget to check this website once in a while, I’ll prepare more interesting custom projects of cossack motorcycles, I promise.

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