Hard’n’Heavy Jawa Bobber by Cranberry from Kyiv, Ukraine

a custom Jawa bobber near an airplane

Ok folks, hope you are hungry for custom bikes today because this time I want to tell you about one of my favorite custom cossack motorcycles – Hard’n’Heavy Jawa bobber built by Cranberry, a customizer from Kyiv, Ukraine.

I’m damn proud that this bobber was built by my compatriot, and what is more, seeing the Trident, our national symbol, on the gas tank brings me even more joy.

the gas tank of the Hard'n'Heavy Jawa bobber

a broken Jawa motorcycle

here is how this bike used to look like

This model of a Jawa is called “oldie” in our country, but this bobber is hard to be called so, I guess the word “retro” is right one here. This custom project was born when Cranberry got an old Jawa motorcycle in horrible condition and decided to get himself a custom bobber. He didn’t want to spend money on the project and thus used the parts he had in his garage.

Cranberry changed the tail of the frame to make the bike hard-tail, which is next to madness for those who know how Ukrainian roads look like :). The front fork was created from scratch. This type of the front fork was used to make the bobber look retro.

Both wheels are 16″, I can’t tell you for sure where these wheels were taken from, but it seems to me that these are standard Jawa ones with, Cranberry simply replaced the hubs, but I’m not sure.


The handlebar is a pure “garage-style”, as we call it, he just found a handlebar from an old bicycle and used it in this project. Something tells me that the seat was taken from the very same bicycle. Have you noticed that there is no clutch lever? Cranberry modified it, now works similar to the throttle tube, and thus the clutch mechanism is hidden to bring the handle bar a minimalistic look.

To support the minimalistic style, Cranberry hidden all the wiring inside this army water jug. Personally I consider this to be a brilliant idea – it looks absolutely fantastic and the author didn’t spend a dime on it.

the place where the wiring of this bobber is hidden

You can see that the number 816 is used to decorate this bike and it has its meaning. The first digit is that Cranberry’s favorite digit, it symbolizes the infinity (it looks like the ∞ symbol), as for “16”, he knew a kid who died in a car accident because of some drunk f*ck who thought he could drive his car no matter how much alcohol was in his blood. So, “816” is something like “forever sixteen”.

the right side of the Hard'n'Heavy Jawa bobber

As I said at the beginning of the article, this is one of my most favorite custom cossack motorcycles, I found the information about it at our local biker forum Moto Kiev. You can get more info about the creation process if you know russian at least a little or you can contact the author there. He speaks English and will be able to answer all the questions you might want to ask him. Of course, you can ask your questions here and I will contact Cranberry and get the answers for you.

I’m not the only one to love this bike – tens of motorcycle related magazines (both online and offline) have reviewed the Hard’n’Heavy Jawa bobber. I’m not sure whether it won any prizes, but I’m more than sure that it worth your attention. Such dirty cheap yet absolutely stylish and unique custom bikes are what makes the motorcycle world so fascinating. If we all had HD bikes and nothing more, it would have been too boring IMHO.

As always, you can express your opinion in the comment section below. I’d love to hear your thoughts regarding this bike.

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