The Alligator – a Custom Dnepr MT Motorcycle from Ukraine

Ok , fellas, get ready to be amazed! This custom Dnipro MT built by a specialist from Kharkiv, Ukraine will make you envy his skills and abilities. Here are the photos for you to enjoy the amazing design this motorcycle has.

This 100% exclusive custom project took about 10 years to be completed, but it’s worth every second spent on building it. According to the creator of the bike, the main motivation to create such a unique Dnepr motorcycle was the desire to stand out from the crowd, to make people turn their heads, to have something to boast about when talking with friends, etc., and I must say that the result exceeded all his expectations. What makes this project look so special is the attention the author paid to even the smallest design elements.

Frankly speaking, it’s hard to name this motorcycle a Dnipro MT, even a customized one, because the only thing that it has in common with a Dnipro MT is the engine.

The frame has obviously been created from scratch. In fact, it’s not a big deal. Creating a motorcycle frame of absolutely any shape and size costs about $100 and can be done in a few days. What was more important in this project, the frame had to fit the bodykit ideally. Speaking of the bodykit, I think the author spent much more efforts on creating the bodykit than on building the frame.

Little can be said about the wheels. These seem to be pretty standard custom wheels. You can buy a pair of such wheels for about $300-$350 here in Ukraine. What I don’t understand is the reason why the author installed an automobile tire on the rear wheel. Usually automobile tires are used because they are cheaper than motorcycle ones. Yet, I don’t think that a person who spent 10 years on building a custom motorcycle can use a car tire just to save several bucks. Perhaps, he decided that such a tire will fit the design better.

One of the things I like about this bike the most is a large number of all those shiny elements. The author did a great job polishing the engine and all steel parts to make the motorcycle shine. This shiny look in combination with bright painting and aerography make this custom Dnipro truly exclusive.

As I can see, this bike was on sale for $3000 several years ago, but I don’t know whether it was sold. Who knows, maybe this bike is still waiting for its new owner.

Even if you are not a fan of choppers, I’m sure most of you liked the Alligator, because it’s absolutely unique custom project with lots of attention paid even to the smallest elements of its design. Have another opinion or any questions? You are free to share it via comments.

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P.S. I have a small bonus for you today, here is a video of the Alligator from youtube.

Alex White
Alex White
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