La Rusa – a Custom Ural Scrambler‬ by Lucky Customs from Argentina

a custom scrambler made from an Ural motorcycle

Hi folks! You might have already seen today custom project in different online motorcycle-related resources, but if you haven’t, please welcome La Rusa!

Thanks to the engine, it becomes obvious that a Ural motorcycle was taken as a basis for this custom scrambler. I’m not a big fan of scramblers, but this project looks complete and that’s what I really value when it comes to building custom bikes. Speaking of the engine, I guess it’s a 100% standard Ural engine, even the carburetors are standard, which I consider to be a mistake.

Spending time/money/efforts on creating something worthy out of a Ural or Dnipro motorcycle and leaving standard carburetors is rather irrational, because installing constant vacuum carburetors (the ones that are installed on modern Urals) adds horsepower to the motorcycles and makes the injection system more stable and reliable.

The handlebar, grips, levers and controls seems to be standard, but who knows, perhaps, they just look like standard ones, while being taken from another bike. One more great thing about this bike is that the guys from Lucky Customs added a side kickstand while leaving a standard one (near the rear wheel). Having both kickstands, you will use the side one 99% of times. Yet, when it comes to replacing the rear tire or removing the rear wheel due to some other reason, the central kickstand will be a real lifesaver.

As for other parts of the motorcycle, a pretty big number of changes have been made. The wheels and the tires were taken from another bike. The exhaust pipes have also been modified. Now both pipes are put on the left side of the bike. From a designing point of view, it looks like a good idea – this adds more shine and volume to the side – but something tells me that your left leg might get cooked because of being too close to the pipes. The seat has also been modified. Its form reminds the seats of BMW motorcycles and ideally fits the scrambler style of this custom Ural. Yet, as it always happens, be prepared to pay for great look with the lack of comfort. You will hardly manage to ride this bike for longer than an hour, but who really cares about comfort as long as the bike looks like a real piece of art?

Lucky Customs did a nice job building a scrambler, La Rusa is definitely a great bike for those who like this type of motorcycles. After checking their facebook page, I see that they are have lots of other professionally built projects and deserve your attention.

Hope you liked this project. Feel free to share your thoughts about La Rusa as well as other custom cossack motorcycles via comments.

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Alex White
Alex White
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