The Crazy Tarantas – a Custom Bobber Ural Motorcycle from Siberia

a custom Ural motorcycle with its creator

Hi people! I’m sure you’ll be amazed with today project. Take a look at this custom bobber and pay attention to its painting. Yeap, there is no paint on it, just engraving THROUGHOUT the entire bike! I know little about Siberia and the city of Novosibirsk where the bike was created, but I suppose locals have absolutely nothing to do (except, probably, getting drunk with vodka and chasing bears) if the author of the Crazy Tarantas decided to spend a long cold Siberian winter engraving the bobber.

The word “tarantas” in the name of the project is translated as “a piece of junk that can be ridden”. And the bike deserves this name fully because lots of it’s parts were made from junk.

The author took a standard Ural bike and got rid of almost everything. He rebuilt the rear part of the frame and made it hardtail. To make the front fork, the author took shock absorbers from an old M72 motorcycle and a pair of metal tubes that he found in a junkyard and created this fork. I’m not sure now efficient and reliable it’s one of a kind, that’s for sure. BTW, the same tubes were used to create a handlbar. The gas tank was custom built too – the author took a tank from a junkyard (what a surprise), added a filler neck and a fuel petcock valve.

The headlight, taillight, rear fender and battery box were made from scratch and they obviously fit the design ideally. One more unique part of this bobber is its seat. It’s covered with chainmail. I’m not sure if it’s comfortable to use such a seat, but it does look stylish.

As you understand, the main feature of this custom project is the engraving. The process was divided into 3 stages. At first, the parts were blued to protect the metal and make them have this specific look. After that, there was the engraving stage and once it was done all the parts were varnished. I’m sure it was a hell of a work considering the volume of engraving, but it did bring great results. This custom bobber, partly made from yard, is absolutely worth your attention and the engraving is what makes it so special. If I owned such a bike, I would place it in my garage or exhibited the bobber in a bike-club for people to take pictures with it. Just image how horrible it would be if the motorcycle is damaged due to a road accident or some other reason. There is no way its look can be restored as easily as in case of a standard painting.

That’s not the bike that can be used for everyday riding, but it’s definitely the motorcycle that will grab people’s attention.

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Alex White
Alex White
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