Dusty – a Custom Bobber M72 by Hammerbike Customs

a sexy girl on a custom M72 motorcycle

Ok fellas, hope you are ready for another interesting and 100% unique bike. This time I want to tell you about a custom bobber made from an M72 motorcycle. This motorcycle is hard to find these days and custom projects based on it are even rarer. So, here it is.

As you can see, the author of the bike didn’t spend too much time building it. The engine, gear box, frame and fork are 100% standard. He used K-68 carburetors (the same piece of crap as other K-6x ones).

At the beginning of article I said that an M72 bike is pretty rare. Well, the fork that is used here is actually even rarer than the motorcycle itself, because such short forks were installed on M72-H motorcycles only.

Comstar wheels were obviously taken from some Honda motorcycle of 1970s. I bet the author had some serious struggle to make the rear wheel hub connect to a standard M-72 differential. A standard front brake was replaced with a more efficient and reliable disk brake. The front fender was simply removed and the rear fender was a bit shortened to make the bike look more like a bobber. The gas tank was taken from a Honda GL500, yet it was slightly changed to fit the M-72 frame. To make the design of this custom bobber fit the “minimalistic” style, the author placed all the wiring together with the battery under the gas tank and got rid of turn signals.

The exhaust pipes were created specifically for this project, just like the seat and the handlebar. Pay attention to the levers. Thanks to their vintage style and color they fit this bobber ideally. These are not vintage, you can easily find such levers for sale.

What I like the most about this custom M-72 bobber is its painting. Most parts of the motorcycle are covered with some special rubber paint to create a nice matte black color. And several elements that were made from brass and bronze make the whole composition complete.

Dusty has a rather short wheelbase and the wheels are not very wide, riding it is close to riding a bicycle, so it’s not the motorcycle you’d love to use for some long-distance run. Yet, it’s stylish and will be an excellent head-turner absolutely anywhere.

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Alex White
Alex White
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