The Crow – a Custom Chopper Ural Motorcycle by Customstroy from Ukraine

a nice custom chopper made from an Ural motorcycle

Hi my dear custom bike lovers! Today is definitely your day because I have another interesting custom project to tell you about. The name of the project is “The Crow” and it’s a custom chopper made from a Ural.

The bike is nicely built and looks pretty stylish. If the Crow is placed next to choppers from famous brands like HD, Yamaha, etc., I’m sure it will attract as much attention as other bikes. Yet, despite its stylish look and my great love to choppers, I would not want it for myself.

here is how Ukrainian roads look like in winterThe first reason is pretty obvious for all who have seen Ukrainian roads at least once. Those who haven’t are welcome to enjoy “our reality” via the attached photo. As you understand, riding a motorcycle with a hardtail frame is a real nightmare for most Ukrainian bikers. Even though the Crow has a shock absorber installed under the seat, it won’t save the situation. In our country hardtailed motorcycles are mainly used to impress audience during bike festivals, for short-runs, as nice showpieces to place in a garage, but not for day-to-day riding. And I prefer motorcycles that can be used for riding and not for shows only.

The second reason is the transmission that is implemented in this custom Ural motorcycle. A special adapter (I guess a custom-made one) is used to pass the rotation from the gear box to the chains and then to the wheel. This transmission is more complex than a standard one. And as you know, the more complex a mechanism is, the higher the chances of it getting broken. So my vote goes to a standard driveshaft, because it’s more reliable.

If not taking into account my pragmatism, I like the Crow a lot. There is only one thing I’d probably change in it – I’d use a low-profile tire for the rear wheel.

And what are your thoughts regarding this custom Ural? Do you like it? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Alex White
Alex White
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