Replacing a Standard Ignition System on Cossack Bikes

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Hi guys! This post will be the first one dedicated to tuning your bike. We’ll start with the simplest step – replacing a standard ignition system of your bike with a new one.

Please note: this post will show how to replace the ignition on flat-twin engine bikes (Dnepr, Ural, K-750), but this system is also available for Izh Planeta, Izh Jupiter and Jawa .

Those of you who have been proud owners of Dnepr or Ural motorcycles for some time know that a standard ignition of both bikes is one of the weakest parts in their design. There are two main problems with it: it’s not very reliable and can get broken when you least expect it and it’s extremely hard to adjust. Believe me, adjusting this stuff is a real pain in the ass, it takes lots of time and efforts. To cut a long story short, I can say that it’s a must to replace a standard system with a new one.

The new ignition system I’m talking about is the microprocessor-based contactless system of ignition produced in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. That is the best choice available on the market. You can find a specific type of this ignition for every cossack motorcycle: Dnepr MT, Ural, K-750, Izh Planeta (both 6 and 12 volts), Izh Jupiter (both 6 and 12 volts), Jawa (both 6 and 12 volts). This new system is highly reliable and really simple to install and adjust. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Take off an old system.
    You need to open the ignition cover at the front of the engine to find the ignition system, disconnect the wires going to spark plugs and remove an old system together with the coil.
  2. Clean everything thoroughly.
    This part of engine can be stained with oil, dirt, etc, you should clean it up before installing a new ignition system. I suggest using a small shred soaked in gasoline, this is the cheapest and most efficient option.
  3. Install a new ignition system.
    This system is really easy to install. The first thing you should do is install the ignition module, once it’s done you can install the new coil and connect them with one red and one black wires. After than you should install the modulator and check that it doesn’t “scratch” the sensor. If it does, the sensor should be slightly repositioned. All these things are easy to do because you will have a detailed manual in the box with the system. After that you should set the pistons to the top dead center, connect the second red wire to the electical system of the motorcycle and turn the electricity on. Now rotate the modulator counterclock-wise until the led indicator goes out. When you find the right position for the modulator, fix it there. Once it’s done, the only thing that is left is to connect silicon wires, the ones that lead to spark-plugs. Please note that you should use silicon wires and not standard ones. Otherwise you can spoil the coil.
  4. Adjust the ignition.
    All you have to do is to start rotating the module and try to find the position where the engine runs most smoothy. Once it’s done, fix the module in this position and that’s it. You no longer need to worry about the ignition on your bike. This ignition system has a microprocessor, that’s why it automatically adjusts the sparking angle according to the RPM the engine produces.

That’s it, you have a new ignition that provides such benefits as:

  1. The engine starts better during cold weather.
  2. More stable engine performance.
  3. Reduced emissions.
  4. Reduced fuel consumption.
  5. Reduced carbon deposits on the plugs.
  6. Stable engine start even when battery is low.
  7. Super easy installation and maintenance.

As you can see, installing this new ignition is a must for any cossack motorcycle. The system itself costs about $40 here in Ukraine (without a coil, which I suggest replacing with some automobile coil), plus you will have to pay about $20 for it to be delivered to the US, Canada, etc. via airmail (it takes about 5-10 days to be delivered). So, for about $60 you will save yourself from lots of troubles with the ignition and make your bike run MUCH better!

UPDATE: lots of folks keep asking me about what spark plugs I recommend for Dnipro MT motorcycles – personally I use NGK BP6HS, here it is for sale on Amazon. I bought two BP6HS two years ago and so far I haven’t head a single problem with them.

Hope you guys will find this post to be helpful. If you need any additional info or help with getting this new system, hit me up in the comments or via email or skype.

Alex White
Alex White
I'm just a guy who values 3 things in life: girls, bikes and freedom. I get them all with my custom-built Dnipro MT. Cossack motorcycles are truly unique and reliable bikes if being treated right, and I decided to create this blog and share my vast experience and love for cossack bikes with other bikers all over the world. Need my help or advice? Contact me via skype or email.


  1. Tom Bradley says:

    I have an 1999 Planta 5. The spark is iffy, only sparks occasionally, what system can I buy to replace it?

    • Alex White says:

      Hey Tom,

      I’ve heard of two modern ignition systems that can replace your standard one. A friend of mine has an IZh Planeta 3. I’ll ask him about the details and email you the info.


    I purchased this ignition but I don’t speak Russian. Do you know where I can find an English translation of the installation instructions?

    • Alex White says:

      Hey Harry,

      I’m sorry, I have no idea where to get an English version for the ignition manual, but imho you don’t need any manual. The installation is pretty simple and doesn’t require any specific techniques or adjustments.

    • Justin says:

      Hi, did you manage to fit it?
      ….any tips???

  3. Rob Spicer says:

    Hi Alex
    I am having trouble fitting the ignition module as the cam shaft has no thread to attach the spinning sender?
    How do you mount them?


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